This tour offers an alternative to the traditional trail. It is ideal for those who wish to experience this fabulous and unforgettable place near Ushuaia, Esmeralda lagoon, without losing the feeling of being at the end of the world. You will walk through the fuegian forest, large peat bogs and dams built by beavers will serve as a bridge. You’ll discover wide valleys with spectacular views of the mountain range. After approximately 2 hours of walking, we’ll arrive at Esmeralda Lagoon, at the foot of Albino Glacier (with the possibility to reach the glacier if you have time and the required level according to the conditions of the terrain, please let us know before). On the way back, we will follow another path that borders the river from the lagoon to the valley.

Includes: guide, transfer, picnic, hot drink, personal insurance

LENGHT 6 hours.
SLOPE 200 m.


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